The Alte Oper in Frankfurt re-enacts a history of decadence and rebirth on its own outer skin

A video mapping project conceived and created for the façade by Frankfurt’s Alte Opera auditorium. In ten minutes the spectacle tells the story of the building funded by its citizens during the second half of the 19th century and badly damaged during the Second World War bombings. It was then rebuilt once again with the help of the town’s citizens as a concert hall.

The event is built around five acts, backed by an original sound track of Fernweh and animated images taken from the civic historical photography archive and masterpieces from the Städel Museum. It provides the audience with a reconstruction of the various stages of the monument’s life: the construction of its foundations and its inauguration, followed by its destruction, the citizen’s petition and the reconstruction and finally a new lease of life.

A spectacular ten minute flow of audio-visual material alternating figurative and abstract elements, a series of decorative chromatic combinations capable of highlighting the architectural features of the Alte Oper’s façade.

Video-projection show
March 2018
Alte Oper, Frankfurt
Luminale Festival of Light 2018

Multimedia content project
Multimedia content production


Karmachina - Project & Art direction
Moving dots - Video post-production
Fernweh - Music
Olivia Demuro - Production assistant
Alte Oper, barco, Ciborius, GrandJean & Kollegen History Media, messe Frankfurt Satis&fy, Lukas Taido - Partners

A special thanks to Isa Rekkab e Jörg Müllner