We design and set up multimedia environments and events to communicate cultural content in a creative way. We transform information into experience by conceiving and developing narrative concepts for brands, museums and institutions.

Content is the lead, storytelling and research into design are the ways, technology the medium.

KARMACHINA was founded in 2013 by Vinicio Bordin, Paolo Ranieri and Rino Stefano Tagliafierro.

Our team team is comprised of art directors, communications experts and multimedia designers, story tellers and content designers, graphic designers, iconographic researchers, video editors and post-production technicians, illustrators and 2D animators, sound designers, producers and project managers. We work closely with architects and exhibition designers, UX and interaction designers, programmers and IT developers.

We are convinced that innovation is fuelled by a multi-disciplinary approach.

PAOLO RANIERI began his career path with Studio Azzurro as editor and director. In 2003 he founded N!03 Ennezerotre, a company that soon became a leader in Italy in the multimedia installation sector, winning a number of international awards – the most prestigious being the “Compasso d’Oro ADI 2011” for Exhibition Design. He is a documentary and video film-maker and a creator of multimedia installations.

RINO STEFANO TAGLIAFIERRO received many awards from some of the most celebrated film festivals – with a special mention going to the multiple prize winning short Beauty (2014). He has worked in advertising and on video clips for famous international brands and collaborated with communication design studios and agencies worldwide.