Grisey's spectral music is interpreted through the experimental art of the 20th century.

Created for the 33rd International Music Festival of Portogruaro, Telea translated into images the musical mood of the composition by the same name for five instruments by the master of spectral music Gérard Grisey, performed on this occasion by the Austrian Ensemble NAMES – New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg.

Seven musical moments that highlight the connections between the kind of research and language used by the French composer and the artistic production of the 20th century. Through reinterpretations of paintings by Paul Signac, Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich, alongside others by Paul Klee, Maja Deren, Jackson Pollock, Victor Vasarely and Francis Bacon, the work investigates how the image can be deconstructed into its constituent parts and their permutation into new shapes and new chromatic combinations, in an unexpected conversation between musical and figurative experimentation.

Video-projection show
Collegio Marconi, Portogruaro (Venice)
Fondazione Musicale Santa Cecilia

Multimedia content project
Multimedia content production


Gérard Grisey - Music
NAMES - New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg - Live music
Leo Morello - Cello
Anna Lindenbaum - Violin
Matthias Leboucher - Piano
Marco Sala - Clarinett
Marina Iglesias Gonzalo - Flaute
Josef Ramsauer - Director
Karmachina - Art direction & Direction
Giuliano Corti - Script
Karmachina, Elisa Seravalli - Video post-production & Compositing
Federico Petrei (Deltaprocess) - Mapping technician
Lara Aleotti - Production assistant
Angela Di Tommaso - Visual consulting assistant
Giuseppe Lo Bue - Sound design
Ideaspettacolo - Light design