by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

A play of revelation and moulding of bodies and nature

Invisible nature considers how Nature needs to be reconsidered and respected: the video installation makes the audience an active participant in the project, exploiting its physical presence.

Through an analogue interaction based on the additional synthesis of light and without using any other hardware, the visitor, standing in front of the screen, reveals worlds and settings that were previously hidden through the movements of his or her shadow.

Two videos are projected simultaneously on either side of a PVC screen: floral and landscape images are projected onto the back; while a monochrome white backdrop is projected onto the front, which hides the rear projection until a figure interferes with the front projection.

Many people can participate at the same time, opening “windows” on the hidden images and thus bring Nature back to life.


Temporary installation
Palazzo Buonaccorsi, Macerata ex SCEDEP Spazio Pasubio, Parma WoPa Temporary, Parma
BDC, Borgo delle Colonne