A multimedia concert on Caravaggio

Caraviaggianti is a visionary journey among the intense and seductive figures painted by Caravaggio, a concert in which classical, jazz, contemporary and electronic music combine in a vision produced by Italian composer Rita Marcotulli.

A large disassembled screen wraps the musical band inside Caravaggio’s works: figures and details- isolated and animated in line with our characteristic style – seem to come to life, while the music paints new animated pictures, the ultimate multimedia concert.

What is surprising about the master from Lombardy is his ability to paint the human soul with a theatrical yet fresh intensity: in Caraviaggianti we have tried to enhance the physical and emotional tension that has made his paintings timeless.

Multimedia concert
July 2018
Umbria Jazz 2018, Perugia
Tadaam srl

Multimedia project
Multimedia content project
Multimedia content production


Rita Marcotulli - Concept & Music
Stefano Benni - Script
Rita Marcotulli - Piano
Mieko Miyazaki - Koto & Voice
Israel Varela - Drums & Voice
Michele Rabbia - Drums & Electronic sound
Tore Brumborg - Sax & Soprano
Michel Benita - Double bass
Marco Decimo - Cello
Karmachina - Direction & Visual design
Angelo Linzalata - Set-up & Light design
Giulia Formica - Video post-produzion & Animation
Fabrizio Borelli - Artistic supervision
Matteo Benvenuto - Set-up & Light design assistant
Scala Archives e Alinari - Images
Tadaam srl in co-productionin with Fondazione di Partecipazione Umbria Jazz - Production

In collaboration with Fondazione Italia Cina

Ph: Roberto Massini