AQUA. Leonardo da Vinci’s Water Vision

Leonardo's vision reproduced by Balich Worldwide Shows for the Salone del Mobile 2019

From the 6th to the 14th of April in Via San Marco, at the Conca dell’Incoronate, the Salone del Mobile.Milan brings you “AQUA”. Leonardo da Vinci’s Water Vision”, an event included in the programming of “Milano Leonardo 500”. The project, developed together with Balich Worldwide Shows, is a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci’s eclectic genius. Among the many projects of the Italian Renaissance master, the studies he produced on the

subject of water provide the strongest proof that he was always fascinated by this element. For the Salone del Mobile.Milano the Balich Worldwide Shows team, lead by the Creative Executive Producer Marco Balich, has created an immersive installation that reasserts the city’s strong bond with its most genial and multi-faceted “adoptive son”. Using a large mirror, the Conca’s water surface is brought back to life, and reflects the images projected onto a vast LED screen that dominates the lock, providing an unexpected glimpse of Milan in the future. On a lower level, in the space that hosts the system of underlying locks, the visitors can enjoy an immersive experience that focuses on water as an element.

The entire exhibition is completed with an installation by Karmachina with music by Alberto Modignani, in which the unbreakable symbolic bond between water and the female figure – woman, mother, Madonna – is revealed in all its poetic exuberance.

Indoor video art
6-14 April 2019
Conca dell’Incoronata, Milano
Balich Worldwide Shows

Multimedia contents design
Multimedia content production of the closing installation


Karmachina - Art direction, Direction & Post-production
Alberto Modignani - Music

Thanks to Angelo Linzalata and Giuliano Corti for the set design and content consulting

Ph: Filippo Marta, Balich Worldwide Shows