The Factory 1895 by Lavazza is now up and running in Settimo Torinese: the experience factory (partly) designed by Karmachina.

“1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza” is a new brand created in Turin in an experience factory, a place where craftsmanship meets highly technological innovation for the everyday creation of top quality coffee.

The Factory 1895 is a place where one can lose oneself in the tale of top quality coffee viewed through the eyes of “1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza”.

The multimedia experience created by Karmachina based on a creative project by RAA – Ralph Appelbaum Associates, leads the visitor along the various steps of the long an painstaking process that lies behind the creation and subsequent production of “1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza“: starting with the journey to where the coffee is grown, to the research, development and research department and then to the production unit.

The Factory 1895 was inaugurated in Settimo Torinese at the end of October and will soon be open to the public.