1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza

The new Factory 1895 offers a multimedia voyage through the fascinating universe of top quality coffee

The Factory 1895 is an experience manufacture, a place where one can lose oneself in the tale of top quality coffee viewed through the eyes of “1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza”.

The multimedia experience devised by Karmachina based on a creative project by RAA – Ralph Appelbaum Associates, leads the visitor along the various steps of the long and painstaking process that lies behind the creation and subsequent production of “1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza”: starting with the journey to where the coffee is grown, to the research, development and innovation department and then on to the production unit.

The path starts out with a total immersion in the colours and sounds of a shade grown coffee plantation, an emotional and learning experience from the outset; which is then followed by the intense and overwhelming description of the coffee designer 1895’s quest to find the rarest and most refined beans in the distant lands of Yemen; before lingering over the sound of the optical selection machine, an innovative high precision instrument that can guarantee that a coffee bean has 100% zero defects. Then we approach the production area, where visitors are accompanied step by step during the various stages of production (roasting, blending, packaging and quality control) with the help of graphic animation and the words of the people to whom we owe “1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza”. The experience comes full circle with a tasting led by a team of coffelier inside a coffee cave, a cosy and relaxing environment, where the tasting experience mingles with the visual, under the embrace of two large animated domes.


Multimedia itinerary
From October 2020
Factory 1895, Via S. Daniele 16, Settimo Torinese (TO)
1895 by Lavazza

Multimedia creative project
Multimedia contents realization


Karmachina - Multimedia creative project
Vinicio Bordin, Lara Aleotti - Project Manager
Karmachina, Mara Colombo - Direction & Art direction
Lara Aleotti - Production director & content manager
Filippo Marta - Post-production manager
Grazia Canale, Matteo Zanella - 2D motion graphic
Emiliano Neroni, Milush Manimendra - 3D motion graphic
Alberto Modignani - Musica & Sound design
Engineering Associates - Software development
Veronica Galli, Martino Migli, Carlotta Balestrieri and Claudia Bellana - Script
Giorgio Ginex, Dario Maria Dossena - Voice over
Filippo Marta (operatore), Giovanni Soggiu (fonico), Jalina Serchi Bardi (MUA), Luca Grazioli (assistente) - Shooting crew