A major retrospective exhibition hosted in Venice rediscovers the history of the Maison and the preciousness of the Classic

The historic Maison presents ‘The Prince of Goldsmiths, Rediscovering the Classics’, a major retrospective exhibition that rediscovers its heritage, history and craftsmanship, highlighting the mastery and preciousness of the ‘classic’. Hosted in Venice in the spaces of Oficine 800 on Giudecca Island from April 18th to June 18th 2024, the exhibition is realised by Balich Wonder Studio in collaboration with Karmachina and curated for jewellery and silverware by Alba Cappellieri.

The exhibition celebrates Buccellati’s illustrious history, interweaving its creations with the themes and masterpieces of classical Italian art, enlivened through video installations. The exhibition experience is divided into four distinctive rooms, each offering a perspective on the Maison’s creative heritage. The fil rouge and icon of the exhibition is the butterfly, named “Buccellati Venice Butterfly”, created for this special occasion, and which guides each section from the first room: always a symbol of the Maison and inspiration for the creative generations of the family, the butterfly embodies the evolution and soul of Buccellati, representing its growth in different evoluting steps.

The first room, ‘The Buccellati Generations’, welcomes visitors with the refined and delicate design of the wings of the ‘Buccellati Venice Butterfly’, an eternal symbol of beauty and rebirth. Here the Buccellati generations follow one another on the wings of the butterfly. A multiple video projection on different levels of tulle shapes an ethereal environment where the original drawings are brought to life thanks to the most innovative digital animation techniques.

The second room, ‘Manmade Wonders’, reveals precious silver creations that encapsulate the distinctive elegance of the 20th century, including small boxes, smoking accessories and handbags, all testaments to the Maison’s craftsmanship. A table in the centre of the room hosts a huge video projection that enhances the narration of these small exhibited masterpieces. Sources of inspiration such as geometric decorative elements that adorned Renaissance architecture and brocaded fabrics cover the space, accompanied by the Gabriele D’Annunzio letters, who was a great admirer of Mario Buccellati’s art, commissioning hundreds of pieces of jewellery and silverware.

The third room, ‘Natural Wonders’, showcases the silver masterpieces characteristic of the Buccellati Style, that is distinguished by what in the Renaissance was referred to as the Arte Sottile, or the art of masterfully working silver. On the background, lots of different natural elements, that recall the exhibited objects, are magically animated thanks to sinuous and elegant movements.

In the last room, ‘The Gallery of the Icons’, the Buccellati Maison’s iconic pieces come to life, transforming themselves into authentic works of art in a long, endless, completely white gallery, which features a series of neoclassical-style columns, arranged in two parallel and opposite rows, creating a multiplying visual effect. The four central columns of the room display the four main distinctive techniques of the Maison: Tulle, Lace, Engraving and Enchainment. In the side columns, one can admire iconic creations such as Ombelicali sautoirs, Eternelle rings and festive Cocktail high jewellery. While in the opposite columns, the Macri, Hawaii, Étoilée and Opera collections are displayed, celebrating natural and architectural beauty.
This last room delves the visitors into a timeless story thanks to a system of video projections that entrances them, showing an innovative point of view of the exhibited jewels, and thanks to a skilful play of mirrors that offers an infinitely multiplied perspective.

Balich Wonder Studio’s creative concept combines forms inspired by classicism, such as arches and columns, with the most advanced technology, once again celebrating the many temporal spaces that characterise the spirit of Maison Buccellati.

Multimedia experience
April 18th - June 18th, 2024
Oficine 800 - Venice
Maison Buccellati

Multimedia content design and production


Rino Stefano Tagliafierro- Art Direction
Andrea Facchini, Elisa Seravalli, Luca Grazioli, Pietro Canepa- Video Post-production and compositing
Rosa Rossitti- Image Post-production
Alberto Modignani, Emiliano Bagnato- Music and sound design
Valentina Porcelli- Content design