A dive into the depths of the Ligurian Sea

On the occasion of The Ocean Race, Genova The Grand Finale, the Innovation Village, inside the Ocean Live Park of Genoa, hosts a huge multimedia wave that celebrates the richness of the sea and its inhabitants. An ecosystem of images and sounds that combines technology and emotion in a space where visitors can learn about the most innovative solutions related to the world of the Blue Economy and sport.

The video installation, conceived and created by Karmachina in collaboration with D&D International Group starting from a concept of the Genova Blue District, offers the possibility of diving into the depths of the Ligurian Sea to discover the creatures that populate this wonderful underwater world. A unique and suggestive dive that crosses the main natural habitats: from the underwater meadows of posidonia to the magical atmosphere of the deep sea, passing next to the iconic statue of Christ of the Abyss, among shoals of blue fish, solitary sharks, damselfish, dusky grouper, and majestic fin whales. ù

The marine scenarios have been elaborated using the most recent 3D modeling and animation techniques, thanks to the contribution of the 3D artist Milush Manimendra and the scientific consultancy of Francesco Tomasinelli. The experience lasts approximately 15 minutes and is accompanied by an original soundtrack by Fernweh, built from the sounds of the sea.

Multimedia experience
June 24th – July 2nd 2023
Ocean Live Park, Innovation Village, Genoa
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Multimedia creative project
Multimedia contents realization


- Videoinstallation by Karmachina
Rino Stefano Tagliafierro and Paolo Ranieri - Art Direction
Francesco Tomasinelli- Scientific
Milush Manimendra- Post-production
Fernweh- Music & sound design
Chiara Zaniol- Content design
Franca Russo and Lara Aleotti- Production
D&D Group- Technological partner
Genova Blue District- Concept