The Monna Lisa who? narrative environment reinterprets the space of the church of Santa Maria Gualtieri in a quest for the identity of the world’s most famous portrait.

Karmachina presents “Monna Lisa Who?” from 24 November to 29 March 2020 in Pavia as part of the exhibition entitled “LOOKING FOR MONNA LISA. Misteri e ironie attorno alla più celebre icona pop”.

An immersive narration where the image of the Louvre Gioconda, other versions of the Monna Lisa, Leonardo’s drawings, and the animated and digitally elaborated pictorial works, with the sounds by Alberto Modignani and the narration paired with the setup designed by Studio Dune, find a perfect balance with the vertical structure, the symmetry and the soft quality of the lines of the exhibition venue, accompanying the viewer on an immersive experience.

“LOOKING FOR MONNA LISA. Misteri e ironie attorno alla più celebre icona pop” is a project by Comune di Pavia whit the support of Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia.

Narrative Environment
24th November - 29th March 2020
Santa Maria Gualtieri, Pavia
Municipality of Pavia

Multimedia design
Exhibition design (curated by Studio Dune)
Multimedia content design & realization


Narrative environment by Karmachina
Curated by Valerio Dehò
Karmachina- Art direction & Regia
Studio Dune- Exhibition design
Giuliano Corti, Lara Aleotti- Content design & Script
Laura Aldovini, Francesca Porreca, Davide Tolomelli, Lara Aleotti- Iconographical research
Virginia Galli, Flaminia Fegarotti- Voice over
Karmachina, Filippo Marta, Grazia Canale, Matteo Zanella, Elisa Servalli- Video post-production
Alberto Modignani- Music & sound design
Nicholas Hunt- English translations
Karmachina, Studio Dune- Project coordination
Esther Chionetti- Production assistant
Image courtesy of"
Archivi Alinari, Firenze
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KREA Allestimenti- Exhibition setting productio
Emmegi Sistemi Nerviano- Technical suppliers

Ph: Cortili Photo