HZERO the miniature railway enterprise

A poetic choreography of lights, sounds and projections for HZERO, the new Florentine museum dedicated to an extraordinary miniature railway enterprise

HZERO is a sui generis museum: the visual itinerary begins with the 280 mq model railway, among the largest in Europe, the protagonist of a genuine poetic choreography of lights, sounds and projections specially conceived to emphasise its scenic rendering.

The system of projections conceived by the Milanese studio Karmachina, in collaboration with curator Alberto Salvadori, takes up the details of the model and reinterprets them in a graphic vein.

The visual language chosen is that of illustration and motion graphics, a tribute to the craftsmanship behind the creation of the large model: just like the details of the model railway, the digital landscapes and characters are handmade by Karmachina team.

The 35-minute multimedia show represents a journey through time and space: crossing the four seasons and the different moments of a day, it moves among the landscapes represented in the large model and follows the lives of some characters: windows on these imaginary worlds, pieces of life that reflect the constellation of scenes meticulously reconstructed over the years by the modeling team.

The immersive setting of HZERO is completed and enriched by the soundscape created by Tempo Reale and by the lighting system, conceived by light designer Angelo Linzalata.

Permanent installation
HZERO Museum www.hzero.com
HZERO Museum

Video project


Karmachina - Art direction and video content contro
Sandra Hiralal - Concept and management of the illustrations and graphics animation
Maria Chiara Banchini Animazioni - Illustration
Natália Brondani, Sandra Hiralal, Silvia Marchetti - Graphics animation
Filippo Marta - Video production supervision
Marina Cinciripini (Studio Dune) - Exhibition design Projection layout