TURIN 1938 | 1948

by N!03

Reliving this history of the Resistance Movement and the Constitution in Turin in an underground metropolitan journey

The setting, created in the basement of the Military Quarters building designed by Filippo Juvarra, turns an old air-raid shelter, filled with recesses and corridors, into a striking and evocative space. The visitor is taken on a journey though time and history in Turin from the introduction of racial laws (1938) to the coming into force of the new Republican Constitution (1948), along an interactive path inspired by a hypothetical underground rail network drawn on the floor.

Each theme (“daily living”, “living under the bombs”, “life under the regime”, “life under occupation” and “living in a free world”) is marked by a last stop on a line and connected to video-projections and portrait-interviews of people off the street; and the various lines then meet in the main hall around a large interactive table. Documents, papers, post-cards, photographs and maps are displayed on the table: these objects that are initially white and silent come to life as soon as they are touched and tell the story of twelve different locations in Turin. The visit then moves into the air-raid shelter, located twelve metres underground where a sound installation recreates the atmosphere in the city during the bombings while the voices of eye witnesses recall various instances of their lives during those dramatic times.

At the final station, “living the Constitution”, an evocative play of semi-transparent mirrors confronts the visitors with the rights of citizenship and how these rights can be exercised in modern society: their reflected image is overlaid with that of a video in which a few actors recite quotes and thoughts of the personalities who lived in those times and helped to draft the Constitution.

April 2005 – ongoing
Museo Diffuso, Turin
Istoreto – Istituto piemontese per la storia della Resistenza e della società contemporanea “Giorgio Agosti”