by N!03

Art and Technology come together on a large canvas of overlapping screens

The installation is a conversation between artistic experimentation and technology at the start of the 20th century. Painting and sculpture are influenced by the speed and simultaneity dictated by

contemporary science: movement, transmission, limits and the overcoming of limitations are key concepts around which the video is shaped.

The images are projected on to an irregular surface made up of overlapping and staggered screens that both fragment and multiply the most famous art works of the Museo del Novecento, highlighting their details. On this sort of “moving” canvas the paintings, texts and graphic animations move from one plane to the next, undergoing a constant transformation.

Various levels of interpretation coexist in the video which mingles the works and the effort of the artists, along with slogans and quotes that echo the quest for innovation and research in a flow that represents the society and traditions at the turn of the century and finally gives way to a repertory focused on industrial innovation in the field of mechanics, shipbuilding and space exploration.

Permanent Exhibition
Museo del Novecento, Milano
© ennezerotre