#22.2.22 - Video Mapping Opera

Video mapping opera that tells birth and death of Giuseppe Verdi Monument, realized on the occasion of Festival Verdi 2016’s opening ceremony, produced by and based of an idea of Giovanni Sparano.

#22.2.22 aims at giving new life for one night to the great Giuseppe Verdi Monument, seventy years after the demolition. The opera tells in four acts the story of the Monument, where its birth and death are told through the notes and stories of Verdi’s La Battaglia di Legnano, Aida, Macbeth and I Masnadieri. The images were accompanied by the original music composed by Optogram and based on an electronical adaptation of Verdi’s music.

CAPPELLINI POINT - Narrative Enviroments

Video projection setup realized on the occasion of Milano Design Week 2016 for the opening of Cappellini Point, the new milanese showroom of the same-name Italian design company.

In order to highlight the architecture of the new showroom and the lines of the new Cappellini’s collections, an immersive video projection scenario was set up on all the walls and architectural elements.

ACROSS ART AND FASHION - Video Installation

Karmachina curated the art direction and the realization of the two video installations presented in Salvatore Ferragamo Museum’s “Across art and fashion”. The exhibition explores the relationship between art and fashion during the last century.

"Reflactions", the video installations that opens the exhibition tells about Salvatore Ferragamo and his footwear. Some of the most representative models are exposed on a scenic table and weaved together with the threads-made screen behind. While the video projected tells the sources of inspiration that have influenced mostly Ferragamo’s imaginary, a beam of light lightens the shoes which represents the result of that inspiration.

In "The moodboard... A Magazine Curated By" the images projected on the big alluminium rolls evoke the visual universe of some of the most innovative contemporay fashion designers, putting the visitor in front of an imaginary moodboard in continuous evolution. The video installation is based on an idea of Alberto Salvadori and is inspired by A Magazine Curated By, the fashion magazine that invites a chosen fashion designer to develop personalized content in each issue to chart an intimate journey into his creative universe.




Video performance dedicated to the bizarre universe illustrated by Luigi Serafini realized for an electronic music concert on the occasion of the Better Days Festival of Milan.

The video installation perfomance accompanied Kode9 and Pigro on sofa's live set, alternating two different parts: in the first one, the Codex's elements were animated according to Karmachina's artistic sign; in the second one, a generative graphics performance transformed the single Serafini's creatures, paying homage to the alchemical process which is at the basis of the world's most mysterious book.



CENA UFI - Narrative Enviroment

Video environment realized on the occasion of a private event held in Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan.

Karmachina realized the video projected on the cord walls of the cube located in the center of the room: the mixture of images from Italian painting and sculpture, cinema and graphic animation evoked an elegant and high-impact atmosphere that accompanied the guests along the different parts of the event.

LABIRINTO - Video Mapping Opera

Video mapping show realized for an electronic music concert held in the Labirinto della Masone of Franco Maria Ricci.

Projected on the pyramid that stands in the center of the villa, the show accompanied Optogram's live set. The architectural elements of the surface were animated by different scenarios inspired by the artworks that compose the Labirinto's art collection and by several other masterpieces and few other suggestive images.



TALEA - Video Mapping Opera

Video mapping opera realized for the 33rd International Festival of Music of Portogruaro.
Talea turns into images the same name composition of the French Gérard Grisey, maestro of spectral music, on the occasion performed by the Austrian Ensamble NAMES New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg.

By the re-interpretation of works of several 20th century artists such as Signac, Kandinsky, Malevic, Klee, Maya Deren, Pollock, Vasarely and Bacon, Talea is about the process of decomposition of both image and sound and their permutation into new and original compositions. This process is here presented as the match point of the 20th century artistic and musical experimentations.



A HEAP OF BROKEN IMAGES - Video Mapping Opera

Video mapping opera dedicated to The Great War and to Gorizia, realized for the first edition of In\visiblecities Urban Multimedia Festival of Gorizia. A heap broken images was accompanied by the original music performed by Teho Teardo.

The opera presents eight chapters, where music, images and performing voice tell the story of the city during the First War World. Inspired by original diaries and reports and animated by pictures and artworks of those terrible years, A heap of broken images presents the two sides of The Great War:
the brutal trench war and the more intimate and domestic war experienced by the people who decided not to leave the city. The first one gets more and more closer until it takes possession of Gorizia, leaving nothing but a heap of broken images.



ALBERO DELLA VITA - EXPO 2015 - Video Mapping Opera

Karmachina curated the art direction of the Tree of Life evening show at Expo 2015.
Beauty was the theme of the show: several iconinc images of Italian paintings, sculptures and architectures were projected on the surface of the building, as portrayals of beauty famous and admired all over the world.




Film for five synchronized screens realized for the Italian fashion house Vic Matié on the occasion of the 2015-2016 fall/winter season launch. The film was selected by the Fashion Film Festival of Milan (2015) and by the ASVOFF- A Shaded View On Fashion Film of Paris (2015).

Two female figures are the protagonists and only characters of the film: the first one moves fluently through the different rooms of a timeless building, the second one, performed by Micaela Ramazzotti, suddenly appears to sing the song "Devilish, the deed", then she vanishes as it were just a vision. A film characterized by a mysterious and sophisticated atmosphere, in line with Vic Matié's brand vision.



DEVILISH, THE DEED - Narrative Enviroments

Video environment for 14 synchronized screens and a projecton on the ceiling realized for the 2015-2016 fall/winter season launch event of the Italian fashion house Vic Matié.

A very immersive setting was created in order to evoke the sophisticated style of Vic Matié's footwears: the video installation-film Devilish, the deed directed by Karamachina was projected inside the lateral recesses of the room. The female figure of the video, performed by Micaela Ramazzotti, sings the same name song by Marie Fisker, who was invited to play during the event itself. The athmospere was then completed by a large and suggestive projection on the ceiling.



LE REGARD DE MICHELANGELO - Narrative Enviroments

Video environment dedicated to Michelangelo's work, realized on the occasion of a private event.

The maestro's frescoes and sculptures are split up and reassembled inside the room wall niches which here become modular surfaces of a new virtual fresco. The mixture of static and dynamic situations goes with the event articulating its different parts. The installation forms an immersive environment that puts the participants in the middle of a wide and total fresco after the manner of Michelangelo.



BRAHMS WoO - Video Mapping Opera

Video mapping opera projected on the facade of the city hall of Portogruaro on the occasion of the 32nd International Festival of Music of Portogruaro, whose edition was dedicated to the influence of Hungarian music in Brahms' work.

The European Empires all collapsed after the First War World, bringing about the end of a whole sociocultural system. In fine arts two different trends resulted from this epochal break: the first one mostly emphasized the formal elements, the second one figures and realism. Brahms WoO tells the influence of Hungarian music in Brahm's work, seen as a connecting link between different cultural and artistic systems.



FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - Video Installation

Video installation realized on the occasion of the 2014 Milano Design Week.

The video installation stages the interior fittings designed by the artist Valentina Giovando; several frames divide and multiply the images of Valentina and her works, giving shape to their poetics and a glimpse of her imagination. Freely inspired by Sergei Parajanov's work, For your eyes only alternates dreamlike atmosphere and extreme realism, staging the essence of Valentina Giovando's works: at the same time objects and pieces of art.



RADICI - Video Mapping Opera

Video mapping opera dedicated to the history of Ivrea, performed on the occasion of Museo Civico “Pier Alessandro Garda” inauguration.

Projected on the facade of the museum, the show tells the history of the city, from its birth to its industrialization in the 20th century, animating the archaeological and artistic heritage of the museum. Roots run like a scarlet thread through the show, putting together the different chapters of the story, from the origin of Ivrea up to nowadays, where contemporary roots give a new birth to the facade of the museum that have been neglected for years.



KINO QUARTET - Video Mapping Opera

Video mapping opera realized for the 31st International Festival of Music of Portogruaro, dedicated to Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The show explores the influence of Beethoven on 20th century arts: Kino Quartet presents the several portrayals of "Ludwig Van" and his work in recent paintings and films, from Klimt's Frieze to Kubrick's cult movie. "The legacy of Beethoven", main theme of this video mapping opera, was also the title of that year's festival edition.



MAGIC FLUTE - Narrative Enviroment

Video environment for 10 synchronized screens realized for a private party.

Freely inspired by Mozart's Magic Flute, the video environment isolates some themes of the Austrian composer's opera to re-interpretate them in modern age. Magic Flute evokes a fairytale atmosphere by alternating graphic animations, suggestive videos and family pictures of the protagonists of the event.



INTO THE WHITE - Video Installation

Video installation inspired by and dedicated to the Armenian director Sergei Paradjanov. Into the white was selected to inaugurate the 2013 Yerevan Golden Apricot Film Festival, whose edition was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Paradjanov's death.

The video installation pays homage to Paradjanov's ability to create pictorial compositions by the videocamera, compositions that work as a pefect synthesis of dreamlike atmosphere and extreme realism. In Into the white Paradjanov's framings are sectioned into ten canvas: by acquiring a material substance, each of them at the same time isolates a piece of the original work and takes part in the composition of a new one.