KARMACHINA is a studio of visual design born in 2013 in Milan from the combination of the different experiences gained in the visual and multimedia arts field by the three founders, Vinicio Bordin, Paolo Ranieri and Rino Stefano Tagliafierro. It develops multimedia projects able to turn the image and sound experimentation and the research into contents and narrative techniques into video narrative environments, video mapping operas, installations and films characterized by a strong and original artistic identity.

We create and realize multimedia projects characterized by a strong and original artistic identity: by the art direction we coordinate the single professionals and languages involved, from designing the concept to the post production, in order to ensure visual coherence to the whole project. Each of our works is a narration, that is why we combine image and sound experimentation with the research into contents and narrative techniques, involving scientific consultants and carrying out a preliminary study of storytelling. In order to turn the contents and media research into actual multimedia environments, we combine the experience we have gained in the multimedia setups field with those of architects and interaction designers: thanks to the close relationship between the video production and the architectural and spatial design we create narrative environments able to build original links with space and public. We develop contents by the most recent video post production techniques and, by well-established collaborations with sound designers, we design sound effects that fit the needs of the projects, in total consistency with the general artistic identity.